Ape Snacks

We’ve created our delicious coconut snacks to get you eating better for yourself – none of that tasteless, cardboard, superfood, wafer stuff or the sugar laden, chemically pumped, processed nonsense either. Snacks should be naturally scrumptious and naturally healthy. Boom! We just want you feeling amazing. And that’s how we chose the name ape! It’s about feeling human again, going back to where we come from and eating and smiling!

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Taste & enjoy Ape Snacks

  • ape bites coconut suisse

    Ape Snacks – Chocolate Coconut – 26g

    CHF 2.20
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  • healthy salted coconut puff

    Ape Snacks – Salted Coconut Puffs – 25g

    CHF 1.95
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  • ape snack thai chili puff

    Ape Snacks – Sweet Chili Coconut Puffs – 25g

    CHF 1.95
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