Gorka Cruz, founder of GoGinger drink, was already concocting ginger herbal tea during party with his friends in his university years 2002-2005. It was in 2012, while press ginger home for sale in a few bars of Geneva, the recipe for a drink with ginger & turmeric is invented. In 2016 Gorka’s old friend Joachim, joined to support and draw the logo … GoGinger brand was born! A tasty drink, a blend of ginger and turmeric, totally organic with spring water from the Alps. A year later, GoGinger is a drink known throughout the Lake Geneva region and gradually in the rest of Switzerland. In 2019, Taferi join the adventure in order to bring his knowledge, values, and enthusiasm. For our friends, GoGinger is above all a philosophy of life. Eat healthy and have fun. GoGinger goes in this direction. That’s why all GoGinger ingredients are natural, no preservatives or colorants, and 100% organic! Ginger and turmeric are cold pressed and slow extraction which preserves vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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  • go ginger curcuma switzerland

    Go Ginger – Ginger & Curcuma Drink – 24x500ml

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  • Go Ginger

    Go Ginger – Ginger & Curcuma Drink – 3x330ml

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