Itsu’s success story is born of Julian Metcalfe’s vision to bring the first healthy and delicious Asian fast food in the UK. They now have more than 70 restaurants in the UK. Itsu grocery was born of this vision of bringing the same healthy concept of Asian-inspired food with premium ingredients and a clean label.

Itsu has decided to partner with Siradis to bring their delicious instant ramen to the Swiss market.

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  • Itsu - Chilli miso - Miso' easy 3x20g

    Itsu – Chilli Miso – Miso’ easy 3x20g

    CHF 3.95
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  • itsu chilli miso noodles siradis

    Itsu – Chilli Miso Rice’Noodles

    CHF 3.95 CHF 2.00
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  • itsu satay siradis

    Itsu – Satay Rice’Noodles

    CHF 3.95
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  • Itsu - Traditional - Miso' easy 3x20g

    Itsu – Traditional – Miso’ easy 5x20g

    CHF 4.50
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