Oatly is the original Swedish 100% vegan and plant-based oat milks and was a pioneers in bringing amazing drinkable fibres to the market. It’s milk but made for humans. All the vegan milk lovers will tell you that Oatly in definitely one of the top brands not only because they taste amazing but also because of their sustainable vision and they’re bold communications. Available for a limited time on our platform for shipping in Switzerland!

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  • oatly creamy oat bio kitchen

    Oatly – Creamy Oat Organic – 250ml

    CHF 1.95
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  • oatly vegan milk barista

    Oatly – Oat Drink – Barista Edition – 1L

    CHF 3.90 CHF 3.45
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  • Oatly Organic Oat Drink

    Oatly – Organic Oat Drink – The Original – 1L

    CHF 3.85
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  • oatly vanilla oat

    Oatly – Organic Oat Drink – Vanilla – 1L

    CHF 3.50
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