Adam + Uva – Red Swiss Grape Schorle – 3 x 330 ml

CHF 11.95

This Red Swiss Grape Schorle is one of Adam + Uva’s two varieties, it’s full-bodied and intense. The schorle are made with the wine production surplus  of 100% Swiss grapes and Alp mineral water without any added sugar. It’s a great non-alcoholic healthy alternative if you’re dancing, at dinner or as a great thirst quench after sports. Oh yes baby, natural grape juice, unpasteurised that contains many healthy antioxidants!

  • 100% natural
  • Hand made
  • Swiss-made with Swiss ingredients
  • Healthy anti-oxidants
  • Pack of 3 bottles

Looking for a lighter flavour? Try the Adam + Uva White!


no refined sugar
swiss made


grape juice, spring water, sulphites, potassium sorbate


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