CHOBA CHOBA – Tasting box – 2 x 10 mini bars of 14g

CHF 35.00

Plunge into the marvelous and colorful universe of Choba Choba chocolates: discover our pure bars (58%, 64%, 71%), three fruity chocolates (blood orange, coconut, passion fruit), three gourmet creations (strawberry & jalapeño, sea salt, coffee) and finally the very exclusive milk chocolate with cacao and milk sourced from two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves!

All of the Choba Choba creations are made with the Trinitario cacao and the cacao “Colección Yoplac Pucallpillo” from the small family farms of our two communities, Pucallpillo and Santa Rosa, in the Alto Huayabamba Valley and crafted by the best Swiss Chocolate maker.

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Our basic ingredients:
Agroforestry cacao beans from the Alto Huayabamba Valley – Peru, raw cane sugar from Paraguay, cacao butter from the Dominican Republic.

Special ingredients for rounded up creations:
Sea salt from Camargue, coffee from small family farms in Colombia; whole milk powder from UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch; blood orange (sugar, orange fruit powder, acidifier); strawberry and jalapeño; passion fruit (sugar, passion fruit powder); grated coconut.

May contain traces of: milk (including lactose), almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, soy.


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