Foodforhealth – Ólixir Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 vintage – 0.25 L

CHF 19.00

The olives are organically grown and harvested early, when they are green on their Sicilian family orchard by Sergio and his family. They then cold press them within 12 hours and filtered through cellulose panels to remove 100% residues. The end result is ólixir™, a high potency organic extra virgin olive oil. Rich in aromas, taste and above all health boosting nutrients.

The key nutritional values and related health properties are:

  1. protects blood lipids against oxidation because it contains medical concentration of Heart-Healthy antioxidants.
  2. It protects cells against oxidative stress because of its high content of Vitamin E.
  3. It contributes to reducing cholesterol as it has a high level of healthy monounsaturated fat (Oleic Acid).

These olives were harvested in October 2020, it’s super fresh!


no refined sugar


100% extra virgin olive oil, picked by hand in October 2019.


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