FRANK Hemp Kombucha 3 x 0.33L

CHF 8.25

The FRANK Hemp Kombucha is crisp, fresh and with aromatic flavours. Includes natural CBD oil from hemp and chamomile extracts to gently relax nervous system. The fermentation process is magic. Fermented kombucha contains vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B2 and C), active enzymes and lab tested bacteria strains. And we all know good gut stuff makes our everyday smoother.

  • 100% natural ingredients and natural fermentation
  • Bio live drink
  • Swiss brand, made in Europe
  • Pack of 3 bottles

Can’t decide which flavour to try first? Start with the discovery pack, here!



100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: infusion of green tea leaves (filtered water and 2% tea mixture), bio sugar (consumed by yeast during fermentation), 6mg Natural Hemp Oil, Kombucha cultures. Alcohol up to 1.2%.

Nutritional facts

Nutritional InformationFor 100 ml
Energy21 kcal
Fat0.2 g
Of which saturated0.12 g
Protein0.11 g
Carbohydrates4.6 g
Of which sugar4.13 g
Salt0.06 g


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