Itsu – Chilli Miso – Miso’ easy 3x20g

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Itsu – Chilli Miso – Miso’ easy, a miso paste blended with herbs & spices in the stunning Nagano Valley, a short ride from Tokyo. Miso is a staple of Japanese cuisine; famously light, high in protein & packed with nutrients, minerals & vitamins. For a deliciously comforting bowl of soup, just add hot water or transform simple dishes with miso marinades, dressings & glazes. Includes 3 servings!


Try the traditional flavour here !



Soybean paste (water, soya beans, rice, salt), water, sesame oil, alcohol, sugar, yeast extract powder, kelp extract (kelp, salt, dextrin), salt, shiitake mushroom extract, onion powder, chilli pepper, coriander, ginger powder, Japanese pepper, black pepper

Nutritional facts

serving / per 100 g
calories 155 / 31 kcal
fat total 6.8 / 1.4 g
fat saturated 1.1 / 0.2 g
protein 9.1 / 1.8 g
carbs 13 / 3 g
sugars 7.6 / 1.5 g
fibre 2.7 / 0.5 g
salt 9.12 / 1.82 g


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