Puerto Mate – Terere – Pomegranate – 8x500ml

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PUERTO MATE® Tereré with pomegranate. This is genuine mate iced tea from South America with delicious natural pomegranate juice. This Tereré is cold brewed according to tradition and is therefore particularly aromatic and refreshing. Combining the positive effects of mate and pomegranate juice creates a healthy and refreshing addition to your daily life.

A mate iced tea which is as energizing and stimulating as the mate South Americans have been enjoying in good company for centuries. And we mean “iced tea” quite literally, because Tereré is traditionally cold brewed, making it especially aromatic and invigorating.

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Mate tea infusion (water, mate tea (92%)), pomegranate juice (4%) from pomegranate juice concentrate, cane sugar, aronia juice (0.5%) from aronia juice concentrate, lemon juice (0.5%) from lemon juice concentrate, caffeine, flavouring

Nutritional facts


per 100ml
Energy (kj/kcal) 71/17
Fat (g) <0,5
of which Saturated (g) <0,1
Carbohydrates (g) 4
of which sugars (g) 3,9
Protein (g) <0,5
Salt (g) <0,01



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