Swiss Snack Box

CHF 69.90

If you ever catch yourself or someone saying that Swiss snacks are boring this one is for you. We’ve compiled a selection of great savoury and sweet products that are produced all over Switzerland.

PS: We’ve added a couple ginger shots to spice things up

This box includes a total of 26 products (content can slightly vary according to availability):

  • Hoppbox  ( 1 x Banana Pecan Crunch, 1 x Mango Tango, 1x Choco Berry )
  • Mani ( 1x Berry & Nuts, 1x Sweet Cocktail )
  • Freely Handustry Cookies ( 1 x Salted Caramel, 1 x Chocolate, 1x Raspberry )
  • Be! Popcorn ( 1 x Gruyère 23g )
  • Indie Bay Swiss Pretzels ( 2 x Salted, 2 x BBQ, 2 x Dark Chocolate )
  • Rhythm 108 Dessert Bars ( 2x Coconut Chocolate Chip, 1x Choco Walnut Brownie )
  • Rhythm 108 Swiss Choco Bars ( 1 x Sweet & Salty, 1 x Hazelnut Praline, 1x Super Coconut )
  • Marvelo ( 1 x Nutty Nick, 1 x Vital Vera)
  • Siradis x Dame Gingembre shots (1x Apple, 1x Honey, 1x Lemon)

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