Wonder woman Oil – Who runs the world? (20 ml)

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Neobinol’s Wonder Woman Oil is made for all the wonder women out there especially when dealing with everyday challenges come with menstrual pain. The nano-phytocannabinoids are blended with soothing ylang ylang essential oil to help you take control on your body and slay like any other day. It’s locally made in Switzerland, all natural and vegan!

Neobinol is much more than CBD oil:

  • Encapsulated the power of cannabis in tiny molecules with high absorption rate.
  • Makes sure to deliver you the purest product.
  • You can know every production step of your Neobinol product.

More about the brand: here.


swiss made


Olive oil, rapeseed oil rich in Omega 3, nano-phytocannabinoids (142 mg cannabidiol, 142 mg tetrahydrocannabinol), Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

Light1 Drop0.60.6
Medium3 Drops1.71.7
Strong5 Drops2.92.9
V. Strong10 Drops5.75.7


In order to comply with Swiss and European legislation on cannabis and derivative products, we do not provide any medical advise or recommendation for use. You can easily find general information and scientific publications on phytocannabinoids on the internet. You can also refer to Neobinol’s FAQ on their websites.


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